Xue Suavet-Jiang

Xue Suavet-Jiang EdM, MBA

Adult Development | Global Leadership Coaching

​I am a global executive coach, a career coach, and an expat coach. I integrate Harvard Leadership Theory and Ancient Eastern Philosophy to help leaders grow and expand their meaning-making systems so that they can lead more effectively in complexity. I was born in China with more than 25 years of academic and professional experience in the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, and Singapore.

I design and teach leadership programs for global companies and universities. I provide 1:1 and group coaching to senior business leaders, university deans and professors in North America, Europe and Asia. I learned about many leadership theories at Harvard, including Adult Development Theory from Robert Kegan and Adaptive Leadership from Ronald Heifetz. They provide a strong foundation for my leadership development work today. I helped professor Kegan teach and develop the Harvard coaching program “Unlocking the Immunity to Change” on edX for 60000 learners around the world. I facilitated in-person and online Immunity To Change group coaching programs at MIT, UC Berkeley and multinational organizations. I am helping many global leaders to reach their improvement goals and experience personal transformation.

I have held various management positions in multinational companies, consulting firms, and universities. I have worked as an MBA coach at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, a career coach at Stockholm School of Economics, and a business researcher at Harvard Business School.

In my free time, I enjoy helping relocated international families transition to a new country. During the last 18 years, I have helped hundreds of international students, scholars and spouses to transition to the US, Canada and Sweden. I designed and taught global transition programs at Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley to help foreigners adapt to a new culture, design a meaningful life abroad, and manage their emotional wellbeing.

I have a Master of Education (Adult Development and Leadership) from Harvard University, an MBA from IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management in France, and a Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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