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“I am extremely satisfied. In many ways the executive coaching provided has changed my life and offered a new perspective and approach to the day and my expectations.” 

Managing Director, Luxury Fashion and Consumer Goods Brand

More effective leaders. More effective teams. An 88% increase in individual productivity and a ROI between 10 to 49 times your initial investment. Executive coaching can produce incredible results. 

But, in a world where anyone can call themselves a coach ⁠— and many do⁠ — how can you be sure you’re working with an executive coaching and leadership development company capable of delivering? Ask their clients.

At AIIR, we measure effectiveness throughout the coaching process, and the results speak for themselves.

AIIR has a Net Promoter Score of 71. 

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty index that ranges from -100 to 100. AIIR's NPS is well above industry benchmarks, and considered to be world-class

  • 94% of our clients rate our coaching very good or excellent
  • 78% of our clients said we exceeded or far exceeded their expectations
  • 91% of our clients would recommend our services

What does that mean for you? It means you can trust that when you choose AIIR Consulting as your partner for coaching and leadership development, you can be confident that participants will find the experience to be both pleasurable and powerful.

What sets AIIR executive coaching apart from others?

We are Driven by Science

In an industry that has been compared (unfavorably) to the wild west, our customers appreciate our dedication to evidence-based practice. Our proprietary coaching methodology, the AIIR Method, leverages the latest science in learning, motivation, personality psychology, and neuroscience to produce incredible, lasting results.

“Your ability to come into a business and very quickly achieve a deep understanding of the problems and their intricate underpinnings is uncanny. I appreciate how you measure everything and how methodical your approach is to problem solving. Systematically addressing all of the problems that are holding back a company such as ours is in my view essential to reaching that elusive “next level” and all the levels that follow after that. You have delivered beyond what you said you would deliver and I foresee a permanent and ongoing relationship with you and AIIR to help ensure we continue to execute the solutions you helped us create which have already made an enormous improvement on our bottom line.”

Chief Executive Officer, Global Wealth Management Company

We Have an Unmatched Team of World-Class Coaches and Consultants

The coaching industry has experienced explosive growth over the past decade. Unfortunately, for every executive coach creating value for their clients, there are scores of unaccredited, inexperienced coaches doing the opposite. We set an incredibly high bar for our coaches, and it shows. The more than 100 elite coaches in the AIIR Global Coaching Network are required to have not only professional accreditation, but a combination of business experience and expertise in business psychology that is unmatched in the industry.

"Working with AIIR consulting to create a customized leadership development program was a terrific experience. The consultants were extremely knowledgeable and skillful, building on our own ideas to create a program that participants found valuable to both their personal and professional development. AIIR Consulting has earned my trust and respect and I highly recommend them."

Head of HR, Large Private University

"My coach provided exactly what I was looking for: insight into inter-cultural differences that helped me adjust my behavior and communicate across borders more effectively. For any such business relationship, AIIR is a great partner." 

Vice President, Luxury Fashion and Consumer Goods Conglomerate 

Our Coaches are Empowered by a World-Class Platform

The truth is, many coaching and leadership development companies are stuck in the technological dark ages. Coaching Zone®, AIIR’s coaching platform, makes it easy for coaches and clients to interact, and provides a resource-rich environment that deepens and extends the coaching experience.

“The telepresence was top notch. The coaching engagement exceeded my expectations and I hope to have another opportunity to work with AIIR again in the future." 

Senior Director, Global Pharmaceutical Corporation

AIIR Delivers Real Results

For more than a decade, AIIR has helped leaders increase their personal effectiveness, accelerated their development and produce real bottom-line results. We refuse to stop short of transforming leaders and their organizations.

“This was an outstanding experience. The outcomes could not have been better. I was able to be introspective, build on my strengths, and identify my areas of opportunity. I have been able to motivate my team and improve our ability to generate revenue for the hospital. I have also gained insight into my own triggers and preconceptions and it's making me a more flexible and productive leader. My most sincere thanks to my coach. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you.”

Director, National Healthcare Network

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