AIIR Consulting to Sponsor the Conference Board’s 16th Annual Executive Coaching Conference in NYC

AIIR Consulting is excited to share its considerable experience and expertise in an exclusive pre-conference Team Effectiveness workshop on March 25 at the Conference Board’s 16th Annual Executive Coaching Conference. AIIR will also present a regular-conference session on enterprise coaching strategy. The full conference is March 26-27 at the Westin New York at Times Square.

Conference registration is currently open, and as event sponsors, AIIR is pleased to offer attendees 30% off registration when they use the code ARC30 at checkout.

Team Effectiveness: The Next Frontier of your Enterprise Coaching Strategy

High-performing teams offer an undeniable competitive advantage. Yet, many teams of talented individuals fall short of their promise. Rapid organizational change, role ambiguity, flattened and matrixed organizational structure, and virtual modes of working all present fresh challenges to effective teamwork in the digital age.

In this exclusive, full-day pre-conference workshop, participants will gain critical insight into why teaming matters and how an enterprise team coaching strategy can generate robust business outcomes. Participants will:

  • Experience cutting-edge team effectiveness research, application, and neuroscience
  • Learn and practice team effectiveness techniques for assessing and intervening in teams
  • Learn About AIIR® TE
  • Gain first-hand insight from a panel of Fortune 500 team leaders

The session will conclude with a special keynote presentation on the intersection of neuroscience and team effectiveness from Dr. Michael Platt, a professor of neuroscience, psychology, and marketing at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

“Teams are the present and future of effective organizations,” said AIIR Consulting founder and CEO, Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D. “Research shows that high-performing teams can produce amazing results. Yet, the promise of most teams is unrealized. We are excited for the opportunity to share our expertise and send participants back to their organizations with ready-to-implement strategies to maximize team performance.”

Designing your Enterprise Coaching Strategy

In addition to the pre-conference workshop, AIIR founder and CEO Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D., will facilitate a regular-conference presentation and panel discussion with Fortune 500 talent leaders designed to help participants scale coaching across their organizations.

  • Adopt a guiding coaching philosophy
  • Advance coaching strategy from reactive to proactive
  • Engage a portfolio approach to activate executive and team coaching, internal coaching, and leader-as-coach strategies
  • Access key tools to implement your coaching strategy
  • Align coaching to the business strategy

About the 16th Annual Executive Coaching Conference

A must-attend for the coaching industry, the 16th Annual Executive Coaching Conference will focus on coaching leaders to internalize a coaching mindset; building a coaching function that has a line of site to embedding a coaching mindset into the culture and business strategy of the organization; and looking at a variety of coaching delivery methods that meet the needs of today’s external and internal demands. More information can be found at The Conference Board’s event page.

About AIIR Consulting

Started in 2010, AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development firm dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders, teams, and organizations. Through the strategic integration of coaching and technology, AIIR Consulting designs and delivers solutions that create exceptional value, as well as measurable results for our clients’ leadership organizational system – Individuals, Teams, and the Organization’s Leadership Pipeline. To learn more about how you can get some AIIR, reach out at [email protected].