Safety and Trust

At AIIR Consulting, your data security and privacy are among our top priorities. All the data you share with us is used to ensure you get the best experience from our services.

Industry Standard Security Certification

The leadership teams in charge of security are working towards obtaining some of the most trusted Industry Standard Security Certifications, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certifications.

Robust and Secure Infrastructure

Our platform runs on a robust cloud infrastructure built with security in mind. We have systems in place to secure your personal information from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, alteration, and disclosure.

Set of Security Safeguards

At AIIR, our security policies are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they meet the needs of our users at any given moment in time.

Dedicated Data Security and Privacy Team

Over the years, we have put together a strong team whose role is to ensure the data security and privacy of our clients and everyone that visits this website.

Security Training Programs

Besides the cybersecurity team, we conduct regular training programs to ensure all AIIR employees are equipped with knowledge regarding the best cybersecurity practices. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in our organization has the knowledge and tools they need to fight against any cybersecurity threats.

Data Security-Driven Designs

All AIIR products and platforms are designed with global security and privacy principles in mind. Our goal is to ensure that all our digital platforms are secure for all users.

Encryption of Data

Our website is HTTPS compliant, so we use Transport Layer Security (TLS)/SSL protocol to encrypt all traffic between the client and our server. While using our site, you should be assured that no third parties will access the data being sent back and forth between your computer or phone and our servers.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL)

The software development team for all our products uses some of the best practices that support security assurance and compliance requirements.

FAQs on Security and Trust

The data we collect may include identity data, financial data, contact data, transaction data, technical data, profile data, usage data, and marketing and communication data. All the user data that AIIR collects is aimed at improving the experience of using our platform. It is also much easier to follow up on our clients if we have an idea of who they are.

All the data that you share is safely stored on our servers. Our website is HTTPS compliant, so all the data you share, including your profile and financial data, is encrypted to ensure no one in between gets access to it.

All the data we collect is stored on our servers located in the USA.