A New 360 for a New Kind of Leader

Valuable Feedback

Decades of research show that the people around us often know us better than we know ourselves. 360º feedback is a powerful opportunity for leaders to access the insights of those who know them best.

AIIR Dynamics 360 puts 360º insights in the context of AIIR’s proven leadership framework and paints a clear picture of how leaders show up — their strengths, opportunities for improvement, and natural leadership styles.

Armed with this understanding, leaders can capitalize on their strengths, build on opportunities, and become more dynamic.

A System of Opposing Forces

Centuries ago, Confucius spoke of the friction between leadership by force and leadership by love. Rather than doubling down on either side, Confucius sought to overcome the social challenges of his day by bringing these opposing styles into balance.

Similarly, research has shown that modern leadership requires a precise balance of opposing competencies: leading the self and leading others, strategy and execution, developing people and driving performance.

AIIR Dynamics 360 helps you understand how these competencies exist in dynamic tension with one another and how to leverage each without over-emphasizing its opposite.

Dynamic Leadership Starts with Self-Leadership

Strong self-leadership is the foundation on which all other leadership is built. A leader's ability to motivate, inspire, and guide others is contingent on their ability to understand the wants and needs of their followers and respond with a leadership style that meets those demands.

This dynamic leadership is impossible without the critical self-leadership skills required for a leader to move beyond their natural inclinations.

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What does a true leader need to do?


Leading People is about the interpersonal side of leadership. Can a leader inspire engagement and high performance in others? Motivating individuals to set aside selfish pursuits in favor of the greater good is a critical leadership competency in any context.

Essential Competencies for Leading People:

Relationships and Performance

Relationships-oriented leadership is about building an environment of inclusion, engagement, and psychological safety. Conversely, performance leadership concerns leading from the front with confidence and setting stretch goals to drive productivity.

Leaders who are able to balance these competencies garner a following and keep people satisfied and engaged even while pushing them beyond their comfort zone to reach peak effectiveness.


Leading the business is about projecting a powerful and compelling vision, creating a strategy to achieve it, and innovating to bring the vision to reality. Success depends in large part on what the organization seeks to accomplish – and how it plans to do so.

Essential Competencies for Leading the Business:

Strategy and Execution

Strategic leadership means creating breakthrough innovations and seizing quick-moving opportunities as they arise. In contrast, leaders that execute are concerned with keeping a pulse on operations and filtering new innovations for feasibility.

Leaders who are able to balance these competencies position the organization for the future while ensuring the company is operating efficiently in light of core capabilities and resource constraints.

It's Time for a Better 360º Assessment

In order to prepare your leaders for a complex and rapidly changing future, you need a better 360º assessment. Contact us to learn more about what AIIR Dynamics 360 can do for you.

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