The AIIR Leadership Framework

An Ideal Framework for Understanding and Developing Leaders

Based on decades of research and deep analysis of real-world development data from our database of thousands of executives, the AIIR Leadership Framework is a groundbreaking tool that defines the skills leaders need to succeed — and provides an incredible framework for the assessment and development of leaders at every level. Want to learn more about what the AIIR Leadership Framework can do for you?

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1. Uncover the Skills Your Leaders Need

Leverage the AIIR Leadership Framework, AIIR can help you uncover the skills it takes to succeed in in a specific role and at your organization in general.

2. Understand the the Skills Your Leaders Have

Built on the AIIR Leadership Framework, the LD12 leadership skills assessment helps you understand the gap between the skills your leaders have and the skills they need.

3. Deploy Precision Coaching and Development

Use targeted coaching and leadership development to close the leadership skills gap and set your organization on the path to outperformance.

Ready to see how the AIIR Leadership Framework can Help You Build Better Leaders, Better Teams, and a Better Organization?

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