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A New Model for Today’s Teams

We’ve worked with thousands of leaders across the globe and, when it comes to team effectiveness, one thing has become very clear: teams need a model that reflects the way we work today.

Most models are made for traditional teams that meet in person every day and stay intact for long periods of time. These models simply aren’t relevant for today’s matrixed, cross-disciplinary, and geographically dispersed teams.

Simple, Beautiful, and Impactful

Do you want the first hour of every team debrief to be a tedious explanation of an overly complicated model? Of course not.

Your time is incredibly valuable. Unlike other team models, our tool is grounded in a simple elegance. Teams can’t improve if they don’t clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Not Just Another Personality Test

Our 36-item team effectiveness assessment measures specific strengths and weaknesses so that your teams clearly understand where they’re strong and what they need to work on. The six main dimensions we measure are:

Team Productivity

  • Alignment
  • Execution
  • Learning & Adapting

Team Culture

  • Trust & Safety
  • Cohesion
  • Dialogue

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When teams function at a high level, they produce extraordinary results above and beyond the capabilities of their individual members. Yet, most teams never reach this state of performance. Even teams composed of exceptionally talented individuals often fail to meet their objectives, much less exceed them. Why? Find out today.

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"The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ is the simplest and most robust team solution I have ever worked with."

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