The Revolutionary Technology Behind Every AIIR Coaching Engagement

Talent Leaders Spend 60% of Their Time Tracking Coaching Engagements — There is a Better Way

Talent leaders told us they spend up to 60% of their time tracking coaching engagements. Yet, only 20% are satisfied with the results. That's because even though companies spend billions on coaching and leadership development each year, many coaching providers are living in the past, leaving HR professionals to keep track of coaching engagements with a disconnected system of emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes. The result? Opaque processes that make it difficult to oversee large-scale coaching initiatives, track participants, measure progress or share results, leaving many organizations questioning what they're getting in return for their investment. There is a better way!

The Future of Coaching Technology is Now

Coaching Zone® is the revolutionary technology platform behind every AIIR coaching engagement. Coaching Zone empowers talent professionals to achieve effortless oversight and control of coaching engagements, measure progress and results, and have concrete data in hand when it matters most.



Coaching Zone gives you an easy overview of all your organization's engagements in one place. Coaching engagements are automatically configured and visible as soon as you order them.



The comprehensive dashboard gives you effortless oversight. Understand which engagements are online, see how each is progressing, and know which engagements are stalled, at a glance.




Real-time standardized results from all of your engagements, measured against a comprehensive set of leadership KPIs based on one of the largest-ever studies of coaching outcomes ever.



Access data, share stakeholder reports, and prove the value of your programs in a way that has never before been possible while ensuring that data stored within the platform adheres to the strictest privacy guidelines.

Coaching Zone frees our clients from arduous administrative tasks and gives them the data-driven insights they need to think strategically about their organization’s talent. This helps them clearly demonstrate the value that leadership development brings to their organization.
Robyn Garrett

Chief Customer Officer, AIIR Consulting

How Does Coaching Zone Take Our Clients' Coaching Programs to the Next Level?

Individual Coaching Engagements

For 1:1 Coaching Engagements

Coaching Zone creates a safe, secure space for coaches and coachees to discuss professional development. Coaching Zone maximizes the effectiveness of a coaching engagement and increases collaboration between sessions.

For Team Coaching Engagements

Teams and leadership development cohorts use Coaching Zone to maximize collaboration, share best practices, and keep all relevant talent program information in one place.​

For Enterprise-Level Analytics

Coaching Zone helps talent leaders see, track, measure, and share the success of their enterprise coaching programs. With real-time updates and automated reports, you no longer need to wonder what's happening and what's working.

Effortless oversight and control of coaching engagements, real-time progress, and unparalleled results. Learn more about how Coaching Zone empowers AIIR's clients.

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