Coaching Zone®

Industry-leading technology that enhances the coaching experience and empowers HR and Talent Leaders to effortlessly see, track, and manage coaching and leadership development across the enterprise

Organizations pour $370 billion per year into coaching and leadership development initiatives. Yet, only 20% are happy with the results. Why?

It’s because even though companies spend billions on coaching and leadership development each year, most coaching and leadership development initiatives are difficult to manage, impossible to measure, and void of the data-driven insights necessary for meaningful impact. There is a better way!

Coaching Zone® is the technology that powers your AIIR® coaching engagements and leadership development programs. This revolutionary platform empowers you with the performance-based data, advanced insights, and award-winning analytics you need to enhance the coaching experience and supercharge your talent pipeline.

Enhance 1:1 Coaching Engagements

Coaching Zone’s powerful features and seamless UX enhance the coaching experience for unparalleled results.


Digital Development Plan

Stay focused and track your progress with a personalized digital development plan.


In-App Messaging

Review notes and exchange messages with your coach in a secure environment.


Coach Feed

Enhance your development between sessions with a personal newsfeed of useful content and resources.

Leverage Data and Award-Winning Analytics

Coaching Zone® empowers you to make strategic, data-driven talent decisions in real-time with award-winning analytics. We measure results from coaching engagements against a comprehensive set of leadership KPIs based on one of the largest-ever studies of coaching outcomes ever. Then, we put that information in an easy-to-understand report.

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An enhanced coaching experience, effortless oversight and control of your programs, real-time insights, award-winning analytics, and unparalleled results.

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