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Effective teams are critical to your company’s success. Yet, most teams never reach their potential, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive solution for creating effective teams. AIIR Team Effectiveness helps leadership teams improve their culture, increase productivity, and achieve sustained high performance.

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AIIR Team Effectiveness Equips Leadership Teams to Ignite and Sustain High-Performance

AIIR ® Team Effectiveness empowers HR and Talent professionals and team leaders to understand the obstacles teams encounter and equips team members and their leaders for success. Below are some examples of the ways we’ve helped companies overcome the challenges that teams commonly face.

McCarthy is a national construction company with more than 6,400 employees. AIIR worked to help a newly named regional president accelerate his and his team’s performance during his transition into the new role. As part of this work, AIIR facilitated a full-day AIIR Team Effectiveness offsite to help the team members build a foundation for working together, including establishing team operating principles and a well-defined team charter.

KPMG is a multinational professional services network and one of the big four accounting organizations. The company has more than 260,000 employees worldwide. When Carole Streicher was promoted to lead KPMG’s Deal Advisory & Strategy (DAS) practice, a 2,600-employee segment of the business, the company was reeling from the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid move to a hybrid workplace.

Carole worked with AIIR to help her team members “get their mojo back.” Leveraging the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey and a combination of in-person and virtual team coaching sessions, AIIR helped the team members rebuild trust and communication and become an effective team.

Burns & McDonnell was founded in 1898 and is a US-based architecture and engineering company based in Kansas City, Missouri. The company’s 13,500 employees own 100% of the company.

AIIR Consulting partnered closely with Burns & McDonnell to develop a group of new top-level executives to lead the organization through the explosive growth in the construction and manufacturing sectors that followed the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the firm traditionally hires from within, several team members from their newly formed Leadership Team were new to the organization. To become an effective team, they needed to build a unified identity.

AIIR’s solution combined executive coaching with modular classroom learning and team-leader coaching to help the new executives achieve high performance as a group and within their teams. The solution was awarded a 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award for Learning in Development.

Netflix is a streaming technology and media company that employs more than 12,800 people worldwide. Faced with massive disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, fierce market competition, and a looming reduction in force, Netflix partnered with AIIR to develop an internal Team Effectiveness Center of Excellence (COE). This internal COE was designed to equip highly trained learning and development leaders and HR Business Partners (HRBPs) to build high-performing teams across the organization.

AIIR met this need by developing the AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness ™ solution, which combines the power of the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ with a comprehensive toolkit of debriefing and development tools.

Facilitated Team Coaching Journeys

Perspectives | 1 Month

Perspectives is a powerful process that helps teams orient to where they are today, where they wish to be in the future and what it will take to shape their future

Roadmap | 3-6 Months

Roadmap is a focused team coaching journey designed to hold teams accountable to the behaviors necessary to tackle a clearly defined set of goals or challenges

Ignite | 6-8 Months

Ignite is an advanced Team Coaching journey designed for teams seeking a competitive advantage in how they lead meaningful change across an entire organization

What Makes AIIR Team Effectiveness Different?

  • A proprietary team assessment provides powerful insights into individual and team dynamics
  • An easy-to-understand team effectiveness model empowers teams to turn insights into action
  • Expert team coaches experienced in working with senior leadership teams
  • Engagements designed for in-person, hybrid, or fully remote teams
  • A research-driven methodology that drives measurable results

Powered by the AIIR® Team Effectiveness Survey

Research shows that teams fundamentally require two essential ingredients to function effectively: Team Culture and Team Productivity.

The AIIR ® Team Effectiveness Survey measures the essential elements of team effectiveness and provides information in an easy-to-understand report that teams can use to increase their performance.

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Teams provide an undeniable advantage over the individual. When teams function at a high level, they produce extraordinary results above and beyond the capabilities of their team members. And yet, most teams never reach this state of performance. Download our whitepaper to see why.

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