AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness™

The insights, tools, and support you need to build high-performing teams at every level of your organization

A Groundbreaking, Scalable Solution that Empowers You to Improve Team Performance Across Every Level of Your Organization

AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness combines the insights of the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey® with a toolkit of cutting-edge team development exercises to bolster teams’ effectiveness and boost their results. Our world-class team coaches train your internal HR business partners to design and implement high-impact experiences that create measurable results. And, we provide ongoing consultation and supervision to ensure you get the most from this powerful suite of tools.
The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey

The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey

Give teams actionable information about their strengths, opportunities, and alignment using the world’s most powerful team assessment tool, the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey.

Enterprise Team Effectiveness Toolkit

Enterprise Team Effectiveness Toolkit

Turn insights into action with a suite of team exercises built by our world-class psychologists and instructional designers and proven to produce results.

Training and Consultation

Training and Consultation

Equip HR and talent development partners with the coaching skills and training they need to develop and deliver high-impact training

Data Analysis

Award-Winning Data Analysis

Understand and demonstrate results, optimize your efforts, and maximize your outcomes with annual analysis and data-driven recommendations from AIIR’s award-winning data scientists.

In the past three-plus years of working with AIIR, teams across the region have benefited from their data-driven approach to Team Effectiveness. We are reaping the long-term benefits of investing in our people as we see our work with teams cascade through our organization, and we appreciate our lock-step partnership with AIIR in making that happen.

Regional Vice President, Fortune 100 Media Company

Strengthen Culture, Increase Productivity, and Unleash Team Performance with World-Class Development Experiences


Leverage a library of modular exercises built by our world-class psychologists and instructional designers to understand and strengthen team culture, increase productivity, and turn the unparalleled insights of the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey® into measurable improvements in team performance.

Each exercise comes with presentation tools and a practitioner’s guide — everything you need to deliver high-impact development experiences for virtual, in-person, or hybrid teams!

A Powerful Solution Designed for Organizations Seeking to:


  • Scale team development across the enterprise
  • Supercharge in-person, remote, and hybrid teams
  • Build high-performance teaming into the organizational culture
  • Leverage data to build a more effective organization
  • Empower HR and talent leaders to drive business results

Get the insights, tools, and support you need to improve team performance across your organization! Fill out the form below to talk to one of our team members about AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness.

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