Build a Thriving Culture

Thriving cultures foster trust, collaboration, innovation, and high performance. A toxic culture, on the other hand, create high employee turnover, decrease productivity, and can undermine an organization’s success. But, culture isn’t created out of thin air. Leaders create, reinforce, or undermine corporate culture with their daily actions and behaviors. AIIR helps organizations build thriving cultures that enhance overall performance, attract top talent, and help organizations achieve long-term success.

How AIIR Consulting Helps Companies Build Thriving Cultures

1. Uncover the Organizational Culture

Our proprietary assessments provide an unparalleled understanding of how your leaders behaviors shape your culture.

2. Drive Change from the Top

Leverage targeted coaching engagements to ensure that all leaders are setting the right example for the rest of the organization.

3. Align Leadership Teams

Conflict among your executive teams can undermine the culture you are trying to build. Our solutions get everyone rowing in the same direction.

4. Build New Skills and Mindsets

Once cultural gaps and risks are identified, leverage our development resources to shift mindsets across the organization.

Creating a New Culture at a Legacy Luxury Retailer

In March 2020, AIIR partnered with a 150-year-old luxury department store to create a culture capable of overcoming its challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the pandemic, including protecting its brick-and-mortar stores while spinning off its fast-growing digital operations. Through its partnership with AIIR, the company modernized its organization and successfully transformed its culture, achieving 49% and 58% year-over-year growth in its physical and e-commerce stores.

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