Meet Your Coaching Tech Stack

Technology that enhances the experience and increases results


AIIR combines a powerful platform with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to keep leaders focused on their development and deliver meaningful, lasting results.

Enhance the Leader’s Experience

Coaching Zone® is the technology that powers AIIR coaching engagements and leadership development programs. This powerful platform makes it easy for leaders and their coaches to set goals and share information in a single, secure environment.

Create Lasting Change

In addition to their human coach, leaders who work with AIIR get access to a personal AI coaching assistant, Aiiron. Aiiron uses artificial intelligence to keep leaders focused on their development and help them reinforce new behaviors between coaching sessions — the secret to achieving lasting results.

Game-Changing Tools for HR and Talent Management

A talent professional at a Fortune 500 company told us they spend 40% of their time manually tracking their coaching and development programs. We weren’t surprised. Why? Because most of the coaching and leadership development industry is stuck in the past — mired in a mess of emails and spreadsheets that make coaching and leadership development programs difficult to track and impossible to measure. There’s a better way!

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

AIIR’s technology empowers HR and Talent Leaders with the tools to see, track, and manage coaching and leadership development programs across your company with ease.

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An enhanced coaching experience, effortless oversight and control of your programs, real-time insights, award-winning analytics, and unparalleled results.

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