Develop Your Leadership Pipeline

Just 14% of companies feel confident about their leadership pipeline. Do you have the leaders you need?

Leaders influence every important organizational outcome. Yet, most organizations don’t have a strong internal pipeline of talented employees who are ready to replace the people who hold their highest leadership positions. AIIR helps clients identify and develop talent at every level of the organization and build a leadership succession pipeline that flows all the way to the C-suite.

1. Identify the Type of Leaders You Need

Our data-driven process identifies the skills leaders need to succeed at your organization, at a specific level, or in a specific role.

2. Identify High-Potentials and Hidden Talent

Our simple, scalable assessment empowers you to compare candidates and identify hidden high-potential employees.

3. Develop Critical Leadership Skills

Our leadership development services can help you close critical leadership skills gaps.

4. Support Leaders as they Transition Roles

Our executive coaching engagements give leaders the boost they need to get up to speed in a new role, fast.

Developing C-Suite Candidates at a Global Risk Management Company

AIIR partnered with a global insurance company to develop 25 vice presidents identified as prime candidates to ascend to C-level leadership positions. AIIR designed and delivered a comprehensive development experience that blended immersive workshops, executive coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and experiential learning. The program was designed to challenge assumptions, broaden perspectives, and catalyze a culture of innovation among the company’s leaders.

  • 100% gained new knowledge and skills
  • 100% applied knowledge and skills learned to their jobs
  • 90% improved their self management and leadership brand
  • 80% improved their strategic leadership
  • Net Promoter Score: 90

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