AIIR Consulting is the Premier Provider of Tech-Enabled Leadership Solutions

Since its Founding, AIIR® has Pushed the Boundaries of Our Industry

Today, we fuse assessment, development, coaching, and consulting to deliver dynamic solutions that empower our partners to build better leaders, teams, and organizations.

Our Values


From the first meeting to the final handshake, our top objective is to create transformation for people and their organizations. Throughout any client engagement, we identify, track, and measure select quantitative and qualitative data so that this transformation can be captured in an evidence-based success story.


In today’s noisy coaching industry, where anyone can call themselves a “coach,” we take pride in our dedication to evidence-based practice. Our services are designed and delivered leveraging scientifically sound principles of learning, motivation, personality psychology, and neuroscience.


We constantly adapt and refine our work to meet the evolving needs and business challenges of our clients. Whether it is advancing our coaching technology or developing unique consulting solutions, our work is never done.


Trust and partnership are at the core of all our work. We carefully select our consultants, not just based on their deep expertise, training, and business experience, but also because they live by the very values we promote.

“The program went very, very well. The number of emails I’m receiving internally is phenomenal. This was the first time we’ve ever run this program, and this is the first real personal development opportunity for many of these participants. We just wanted to share how pleased we were with this program from start to finish."







AIIR Consulting is setting the standard in next-generation leadership development, executive coaching, and team effectiveness — because our leaders are innovative, unafraid, and relentless in the quest to achieve results.

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The Elevate Project

We believe that purpose-driven organizations should have access to elite coaching services. We provide it through our pro-bono arm, the Elevate Project. By elevating those who uplift others, we help to catalyze the impact of those leaving a positive mark on the world.

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