Leverage a Proven Method to Create Lasting Change

Change is hard. That’s why many leaders struggle to sustain new skills or behaviors after an engagement ends. The AIIR® Method is a proven approach to creating lasting behavior change. Based on years of research in psychology and the behavioral sciences, the AIIR Method has supported coaching and development for thousands of leaders across industries and around the world.


Change starts with understanding. Our comprehensive approach to assessment empowers AIIR and its clients with an unparalleled understanding of the dynamics that drive leaders, teams, and organizations.


We leverage decades of experience and expertise to put assessment data in context, which helps individuals and organizations make meaning of their results. Then, we distill these insights and information into powerful solutions.


Insight without action may feel good, but it’s not enough. We combine executive coaching, team coaching, consulting, and leadership development, and to move key levers and create the desired change.


AIIR drives impact beyond the engagement. Drawing on time-tested principles of behavioral psychology, we design our solutions to incorporate the latest science on nudging, motivation, and learning transfer to create sustained change that equips leaders, teams, and organizations for success now, and in the future.

A Proven Method for Producing Powerful Results

1. Consistent Experience

The quality of coaching and leadership development varies greatly between providers. Designing our journeys using a proven, repeatable process ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for your leaders and predictable results.

2. Better Outcomes

Our data shows that the AIIR Method helped 97% of leaders learn new skills and behaviors. 96% of leaders applied those skills and behaviors to their job, producing an average 16X ROI.

3. Lasting Results

Resistance to change is a law of nature. In fact, research shows most people lose 70% of what they learn within a couple of hours. The AIIR Method helps leaders overcome this resistance to change and produce real, lasting results.

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