Prove the Impact of Coaching and Leadership Development

86% of Companies Don’t Know the Impact of their Coaching and Leadership Development Programs

Why? Because service providers only measure metrics that make them look good — if they measure anything at all. AIIR starts with the gold standard for measuring coaching and leadership development, then surpasses it to give you the data you need to prove the impact you’re creating.

The Leader’s Experience

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the leader’s satisfaction with their experience. Qualitative data adds context to the raw score.

Learning Effectiveness

We measure how well our services, and the coaches and facilitators who delivered them, helped leaders build the skills they need.

Leadership Effectiveness

We measure whether the leader built new leadership skills, and whether building those skills has increased their impact as a leader.

Business Impact

We collect quantitative and qualitative data around engagement, productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and more.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We offer all our clients the opportunity to measure quantitative ROI so they can understand the financial impact of their investment.

Custom Measurement

Sometimes, you need more. We work with our clients to customize our measurement strategy and give them the data they need.

"I appreciate how you measure everything and how methodical your approach is to problem-solving."

Get Instant Access to Invaluable Organizational Insights

Data is only as good as your ability to use it. Access aggregate and individual data right from the Coaching Zone HR Dashboard, and leverage AIIR’s team of data scientists and consultants to apply these unparalleled insights to prove impact and accelerate leadership development.

1. Understand Your Leaders

See the skills leaders are working on individually and across the organization, then see how those skills benchmark against other leaders.

2. Drive Business Strategy

Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, understand critical leadership skills gaps, and build a data-driven plan that aligns coaching and leadership development with the business.

3. Use Data to Tell Your Story

Use data to tell a story of the impact that coaching and leadership development programs are having across your organization — from increasing leaders’ effectiveness to  business impact.

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