Ensure Organizational Transformations Deliver Results

70% of organizational transformations fail to deliver desired outcomes. Yours doesn’t have to.

Organizational transformations are high-stakes crucibles for leadership teams. They require large-scale changes to people, processes, and technology that expose leaders to challenges unlike any they’ve experienced before. AIIR equips leaders with the mindsets, skills, and support to navigate these challenges, transform their organizations, and sustain the positive results that transformation over time.

Equipping Leaders at a 160-Year-Old Construction Company to Drive Organizational Transformation

Communication is one of the most common reasons cited for the failed organizational transformations. A 160-year-old national construction company needed to equip its leaders with the skills to drive organizational transformation in the context of rapid growth following passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill). AIIR worked with the company to develop its leaders communication skills.

  • 84% said the content was valuable
  • 87% applied new skills to their job
  • 84% increased their effectiveness

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