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Executive Coaching Solutions that Increase the Performance of Leaders and their Organizations

AIIR Consulting’s executive coaching solutions deliver a measurable increase in business performance. Fusing our proprietary leadership framework, proven approach to behavior change, and real-world business expertise, we help our clients build better leaders, better teams, better organizations, and a better future.

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What Problems do AIIR’s Executive Coaching Services Help Our Clients Solve?


Leveraging Executive Coaching to Accelerate Leader Transitions at a Global Media Conglomerate

Most leaders take more than 6 months, some many more, to become effective in a new role. A media conglomerate leveraged AIIR Consulting’s coaching to support leaders as they transitioned to Vice President positions and accelerate success in their new roles.

Equipping Leaders to Navigate Explosive Growth at a U.S. Construction Company

AIIR Consulting partnered with a 200-year-old U.S. construction company to develop a group of new top-level executives and equip the leadership team to lead the organization through the explosive growth  in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Developing Leadership Skills in Scientific Leaders at a Global Pharma Company

AIIR helped scientific leaders at a global pharmaceutical company develop the skills to lead in a matrixed environment, especially the ability to influence without authority.

Supporting an Emergency Succession at a Social Media Company

AIIR supported a senior leader through an unplanned succession at a Fortune 1000 social media company. AIIR’s coaching services helped the leaders succeed as they assumed a high-stakes senior leadership role with an exponentially larger team, more risk, and more responsibilities.

"I have found it immensely helpful to have an independent perspective to talk through top of mind leadership challenges, and to develop solutions to address those challenges in an effective manner. I'm already seeing wins!"

Executive Coaching Designed Around a Proven Methodology

The AIIR® Method is a proven approach to transforming leaders, teams, and organizations and empowering them to achieve excellence. This data-driven methodology is at the core of everything we do.

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Every executive coaching engagement begins with a comprehensive assessment and developmental history interview.

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Our executive coaches leverage decades of experience and expertise to help leaders make meaning of assessment data.

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Our coaches challenge and support leaders to move away from their comfort zone and develop new leadership behaviors.

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Drawing on time-tested principles of behavioral psychology, our solutions create sustained change.

Driving Real, Measurable Results

AIIR ® executive coaching services delivers real, measurable results. Over our years of experience, we have shown that our coaching solutions produce dozens of benefits that cascade throughout your organization:

83 %
increased social acumen
67 %
increased strategic leadership
75 %
increased team performance

What Makes a Great Executive Coaching Provider?

AIIR’s executive coaching services boast an average 16x return on investment. But, not every company in the coaching industry can create such outstanding ROI. And, there are an equal number of come-lately companies doing the opposite. In this whitepaper, we reveal 6 key considerations that characterize a great coaching provider, and how you can find a partner capable of delivering results.

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