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Welcome to AIIR CX™

More than a decade ago, AIIR was founded to find a better way for leaders to unlock their true potential. Since then, we have continuously innovated our technology, our methodology, and our analytics so that we can truly make leaders more effective — and prove it.

Today, we deliver the AIIR Coaching Experience, a powerful combination of data science, business psychology, and technology. It's an evolutionary leap forward for the leadership development industry that will help you know with certainty that your programs are getting results. 

What is AIIR CX?

AIIR CX™ elevates the coaching experience through:


Data-driven insights


Advanced scientific methodology


Effortless implementation


Seamless technology


Data concierge service


Proven results

Discover the AIIR Coaching Experience at your organization.

Why Are Data-Driven Insights So Important?

There are thousands of competency models on the market. So why do so many companies still struggle to build competent leaders? Without clear measurement and analytics, it is impossible to tell whether leadership development programs are actually working.

In 2019, AIIR launched the most extensive study of coaching outcomes ever conducted. We were determined to go beyond ROI and satisfaction so that you can see the true impact of your leadership development investment. Our data science team identified and designed a proprietary assessment to measure 20 competencies essential for successful leaders. Then we built that assessment into AIIR CX.

Start with Self-Awareness

In the early stages of an engagement or leadership development program, we begin to measure the leader's current effectiveness and evaluate their goals so that there is a clear understanding of expected results and difficulty rating.

Monitor Progress

AIIR is the only provider that rigorously measures midpoint progress, allowing the leader and stakeholders to understand progress and make adjustments early enough to make the engagement significantly more effective.

Measure Results

Our comprehensive suite of reports allow the coachee, coach, and stakeholders to clearly see improvements in leadership effectiveness. Extensive analytics help you see where progress has been made and the organizational impact.

The AIIR Method®

Advanced Business Psychology

The AIIR Method is a proprietary four-stage coaching methodology designed to maximize the impact of coaching and create real, lasting change beyond the coaching engagement.









The AIIR Method

The AIIR Method has been proven across many of the world's best leadership development programs.

Effortless Implementation

With AIIR CX, you achieve effortless oversight and control, without an arduous setup process. Our team of operations and implementation specialists will ensure that you get the reports, data, and results you're looking for.

Seamless Technology

What will AIIR CX allow you to do?


All of your engagements are automatically configured and visible as soon as you order them, no programming required. 


A comprehensive dashboard gives you an easy overview of your organization's engagements, all in one place.



See real-time standardized results from all of your engagements, measured against a comprehensive set of leadership KPIs.


Access data, share stakeholder reports, and prove the value of your programs in a way that has never been possible before. 

Coaching Zone® is our proprietary technology platform, which is designed to help make your job easier and your programs more effective. You will have concrete data in-hand when it matters most. 

Your AIIR Data Concierge

Data is only as good as your ability to use it. Our team of data scientists is available to help you understand how to strategically apply the powerful insights provided by AIIR CX to elevate talent management at your organization.


Manage your talent pipeline


Identify organizational opportunities


Get the right people in the right place

Proven Results

AIIR CX makes coaching easier, more effective and more impactful than ever before.

By combining business psychology, data science, and technology, we are pushing the coaching industry into the future and producing powerful results for our clients and their organizations.

Discover the difference for yourself. Put the AIIR Coaching Experience to work at your organization.

Ready for AIIR CX?

To learn more about how AIIR CX could benefit your organization, reach out and our team of experts will schedule a complimentary consultation.

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