Elena Antonovska brings to her coaching a clear focus on deep transformation through developing individual leadership potential, widening the perspective, and supporting motivation, creativity, and connection. Her coaching partnership with her clients emphasizes the big picture, long-term impact & influence (both individual and organizational) through self-awareness, challenging and understanding personal mechanisms, and the hidden potential lying behind.

Fully present and client-oriented, Elena is committed to building trust in the process and supporting clients to gain awareness, maintain openness, create solutions, set goals and take action. She is passionate about uncovering clients hidden resources they can use to achieve results, personal and/or organizational. With clear communication and reinforcing the sense of responsibility and personal control in the coaching process, Elena empowers executives to change their mindset, learn and grow, lead by example, and support the progress and development of others.

Elena acquired her professional experience in various business environments in the field of communication, coaching, training, entrepreneurship, and practical approaches in personal & professional development. Being a leader and entrepreneur herself for over 15 years, she is very conscious of the advantages and challenges of the business context and executive’s position. She brings this experience, knowledge, and understanding to her work with executives.

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