Elevating those who uplift others

What Is The Elevate Project?

AIIR Consulting, a global executive coaching and leadership development firm, is proud to present The Elevate Project, a pro-bono initiative that will help purpose-driven organizations access elite coaching services. Through top-tier, deep, and systemic coaching, The Elevate Project helps create a cascading effect that elevates entire organizations. With the help of AIIR Consulting’s world-class coaches, we work to catalyze the impact of those leaving a positive mark on the world.

Why We Elevate

Research has shown the powerful impact coaching can have on leaders, teams, and entire organizations. It is proven to help Fortune 500 companies achieve success. At AIIR Consulting, we believe that these services should also be accessible to purpose-driven organizations. That’s why our team of executive coaches is volunteering their time and talents — to elevate leaders who will use them to strengthen their communities and make the world a better place.

Elevating Those Who Uplift Others



Youth INC

"Youth INC’s mission is to transform the lives of NYC youth by empowering the organizations that serve them. Youth INC provides the coaching, capital, and connections to our nonprofit partners to help them achieve sustainable growth and maximize their impact."


"With a focus on education, technology, and entrepreneurship, Hopeworks provides a positive, healing atmosphere that propels young people to build strong futures and break the cycle of violence and poverty in Camden, New Jersey."

American Dream U

"We are dedicated to helping our military members and their spouses in the transition so they can find a successful landing after their service; whether that is higher education, a dream job, or the ability to start their own business."

Team RWB

Team RWB's Mission: "To enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity."



The 2020 Director of the Elevate Project, Kyle Horne, shares the great impact we made last year.

Judy Wade

John Rogener

Marsha King

Ren Wiebe

David Andrews

Bob Kinnison

Alvaro Burgos

Bernadette Cabrera

Mark Frederick

Paul Thallner

Claire Rodgers

Lesley Hoare

Taylor Flake

Kate Neville

Beth Gordon

Rosa Grunhaus Belzer

Supriti Bhandary

NaTasha Jordan


Meet the Elevate Project Coaches

Thank you to the AIIR coaches that have donated their time and
efforts to make the Elevate Project possible.

Elevate Project Testimonials

“Our connection with AIIR Consulting has been life changing for our nonprofits and the staff here.”
Tracie Gilstrap

Senior Associate Director, Youth Inc.

“AIIR Consulting has been an exceptional partner for Hopeworks. AIIR’s executive coaching has helped our Executive Director expand into a higher level role, which is having an enormous impact on our organization and will allow us to serve so many more young people. AIIR has also gone above and beyond to provide coaching for the rest of our executive team.”

Brad Aronson

Board President, Hopeworks

“In just a few short weeks, my work with my Elevate coach, Marsha King, has helped me make dramatic improvements in my performance as a manager and a leader. We often -- in articles, workshops, and Ted talks -- hear about the importance of vision, delegation, and innumerable other “leadership skills.” What Marsha did with Elevate was different. Marsha did not just encourage me to delegate, but gave me concrete, actionable steps I could do to get to that desired result. My coach did not just talk about managing time better, but gave me skills and practice I needed to actually do it. Working with my Elevate coach was like the difference between learning to play basketball by watching it on TV -- the traditional way coaches work -- and actually getting on the floor and playing the game, which is the way that Marsha worked. Thank you for this great opportunity!”

Dan Rhoton

Executive Director, Hopeworks

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