Team Effectiveness

is your team ready to win?

Throughout history, great teams have been at the forefront of innovation and knowledge creation-- but what makes them great?  At AIIR, we believe there's more to it than just putting talented individuals in a room together and hoping for the best. We believe the effectiveness of any team can be understood and addressed using our two-dimensional model.

The aiir Team Effectiveness model

Model effectiveness is a function of two dimensions: Team Culture and Team Productivity.
Team Culture describes the norms guiding how teams interact, behave, collaborate, and communicate. In other words, Team Culture describes how it feels to be on the team. The other dimension, Team Productivity, describes the team's ability to efficiently and effectively deliver results-- in other words, what the team gets done.
We plot these two dimensions on a 2x2 grid, shown below. The top right quadrant describes the ideal team, strong on both Culture and Productivity and able to function consistently at a high level. Teams situated in any of the other three quadrants have work to do, and that's where AIIR is here to help.