Leadership Teams in 2023: Crushed by the Elephant in the Room

Leadership Teams in 2023: Crushed by the Elephant in the Room

June 2, 2023

Data from our proprietary team assessment shows that leadership teams are struggling under the weight of unresolved conflict. Here are three steps they can take right now.

Great organizations require great leaders, but consistent organizational outperformance requires great teams. High-performing leadership teams make better decisions, can take on more complex work, and achieve superior results than individual leaders. Yet, over the past year, we have seen teams composed of brilliant individuals fail to achieve this level of performance. Why?

Recently we analyzed AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ (TES) data from hundreds of executive leadership teams across industries and geographies and compared it to data from the two years prior. What we found were executive teams being crushed under the weight of unresolved conflicts. This whitepaper dives into the data to help you understand why teams have accrued so much conflict debt, and what they can do about it.

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