Team Effectiveness

AIIR Team Effectiveness is the team coaching solution designed for teams looking to achieve sustained high performance

Team Effectiveness

AIIR Team Effectiveness is the team coaching solution designed for teams looking to achieve sustained high performance

Where Team Culture Meets Team Productivity

Our research shows that teams fundamentally require two basic ingredients to function effectively: Team Culture and Team Productivity. Team Culture is how it feels to be on the team. It describes how teammates support, trust, and communicate with each other in pursuit of their mission. Team Productivity is how efficiently and effectively a team gets work done. It describes decision-making processes, role clarity, and alignment with team purpose. Teams with high productivity and strong culture are considered High-Performing teams.

Team Zone Technology

Team Zone is AIIR Consulting’s leadership technology platform built for teams to collaborate, share best practices, and store talent program information in one place. Team Zone gives users access to the following features:


  • Message Board: Notes are used to communicate about topics and themes related to your team coaching engagement.
  • Chat: Communicate in real time with the whole team or chat 1-1 with other members.
  • Library: A shared database that holds all documents, articles, and online resources pertaining to your coaching work.

AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™

Experience high-performing teams at every level. The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ is a simple, scalable tool that provides powerful information teams can use to achieve peak performance. What sets this tool apart from other solutions?

  • Simple. No colors, clever characters or acronyms. Just concrete information teams can use to improve their performance, and to track that improvement over time.
  • Scalable. The survey is easy to administer, and at a cost of only $375 per team, it can be used to develop teams at every level of your organization.
  • Proven. The assessment we use in team engagements at some of the most powerful companies in the world is now available to you!

Put the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ to work for you.

The Characteristics Of A High-Performing Team


Aligned purpose and priorities


Efficient and well-coordinated execution


Learning agility and adaptiveness to change


Shared sense of belonging and team cohesion


An environment of trust and safety


Effective dialogue and respectful conversations

When To Engage Our AIIR Team Effectiveness Experts?

When a team is seeking new ways to increase performance or needs to execute a turnaround
In times of change when working styles, goals, and vision require a shift
When conflict, burnout, or disorganization undermine engagement and execution
When a team needs to break out of its comfort zone to bolster productivity
When a high-performing team wants to fine tune their group dynamics in order to reach peak team performance


How to Build High-Performing Teams

High-performing teams have two essential elements: strong Team Culture and effective Team Productivity. In this whitepaper, written by AIIR CEO and Founder, Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, and AIIR Team Effectiveness Practice Lead, Ren Wiebe, you'll learn how to take your teams to the next level.

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