AIIR Consulting is thrilled announce its partnership with the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative (WiN) at the University of Pennsylvania. This collaboration will vastly accelerate AIIR’s neuroscience research and thought leadership, as it becomes increasingly important for cutting-edge coaching and business practices.

Launched in September 2016, the Wharton initiative is directed by its founder, Dr. Michael Platt a renowned interdisciplinary professor in Neuroscience, Psychology and Marketing with his administrative partner Dr. Elizabeth “Zab” Johnson. WiN harnesses the intellectual talents and technological resources across multiple disciplines at Wharton and Penn in order to build better business through brain science by advancing research, education, and corporate engagement.

With WiN and Dr. Platt’s team, AIIR Consulting will have an opportunity to collaborate on the four domains vital to AIIR’s leadership development philosophy; Self-Management, Managing Others, Team Leadership, and Business Leadership. AIIR Consulting will also participate in exclusive Wharton events and resources, including the WiN Annual Summit, WiN Corporate Partner Meeting, and data hackathons.

Looking toward the possibilities, AIIR’s CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kirschner comments, “Through our new relationship with the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, we will be diving into some of the most advanced research at the intersection of business and neuroscience. We’ll have a rare opportunity to collaborate directly with renowned Wharton professors, Dr.’s Michael Platt and Zab Johnson, two of the world’s leading Neuroscience experts, to uncover key insights that will further bolster the impact of our services.”

WiN Director Dr. Michael Platt sees the partnership with AIIR as “a key opportunity to engage directly with practitioners at the cutting edge of business leadership to learn about new challenges in the field and help develop novel solutions with measurable impact on performance.”

As AIIR embarks on this new journey of learning and growth, they encourage their coaches and clients to stay up to date with their latest research and an annual neuroscience theme through the email newsletter and AIIR blog.

To learn more about the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, visit them online.

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