With the increased West Coast presence, AIIR will deliver its agile, cutting-edge coaching solutions at the epicenter of innovation and technology

AIIR Consulting announced the launch of its San Francisco office and the expansion of its West Coast Division. The announcement follows the opening of AIIR NYC at One Penn Plaza last year.

Located at 44 Montgomery in the heart of downtown, AIIR San Francisco empowers AIIR to deliver high-touch, technology-enabled leadership development and coaching solutions to a region that requires agile, high-impact solutions delivered in short time frames.  

Setting the standard in next-generation coaching and leadership development solutions

Technology companies face unmatched challenges — continual change, complexity, and fierce competition. In a market absent of leadership development solutions equipped to meet the scale of these challenges, it’s little wonder that managers and leaders in the tech industry fail 20 percent more often than their peers.

Members of the AIIR West Coast Division. From Left to right: AIIR CEO Jonathan Kirschner, Regional Strategist Thor Legvold, and coaches Rhonda Gutenberg and Sara Olsen

Many of the coaching and leadership development solutions available today are designed for lengthy, formal development pipelines of traditional organizations. And those solutions nimble enough to fit the breakneck pace of modern organizations lack the scientific grounding to deliver meaningful development.

AIIR Consulting sets the standard in next-generation coaching and leadership development solutions. Grounded in business psychology and neuroscience, AIIR leverages technology to provide scalable solutions that fit the workflows and lifestyles of modern leaders. Supported by a global network of experienced, credentialed professional coaches, AIIR coaching engagements deliver results that significantly outperform industry benchmarks

“San Francisco is at the epicenter of innovation and technology,” said Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting, LLC. “Yet, many of the same companies that are revolutionizing every imaginable aspect of our lives rely on outdated or outmatched coaching and leadership development solutions.

“Our commitment to science, integrity, and innovation enables us to create incredible impact for our clients,” he continued. “Our new office in San Francisco positions us to deliver this value to our growing portfolio of not only technology companies, but to all of our clients in the region.”

About AIIR Consulting

AIIR Consulting is a global business psychology consulting firm dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of leaders globally through executive coaching, leadership development, and team effectiveness. The AIIR® Method is a four-phase process for creating sustained behavioral change through Assessment, Insight, Implementation, and Reinforcement. AIIR Consulting combines evidence-based techniques, proprietary tools, and innovative coaching technology, empowering leaders to drive incredible business results.

If you are looking for a systematic and structured coaching process that creates measurable and sustainable business results, contact us today to find out what fresh AIIR can do for your business.