Chamorro-Premuzic will build on AIIR’s energy and innovation

AIIR is excited to announce the addition of psychologist, author, and entrepreneur Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic to its board of advisors. One of the most innovative and iconoclastic thinkers in the talent industry, Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic will be instrumental in advising AIIR as it continues to push the envelope delivering scientifically grounded, technology-driven coaching solutions.

In addition to Chamorro-Premuzic, the AIIR Board of Advisors includes:

  • Mitchell Kirschner – Chairman
  • Mary Sue Rogers – HR Technology
  • Michael P. Wright – Strategy
  • Terrence E. Maltbia – Science

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Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic is an international authority in business psychology, talent management, and people analytics, and one of the most prolific psychologists of his generation. Throughout his career, Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic has injected innovation into the assessment industry. Chamorro-Premuzic is Chief Talent Scientist at Manpower Group and co-founder of Deeper Signals and META Profiling. He was formerly CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems.

Deeper Signals is an assessment provider that empowers people and teams to do their best work by thinking differently. Blending personality assessments with artificial intelligence, they help organizations analyze their talent pool and increase their cognitive diversity.

META uses a state-of-the-art psychometric test to identify entrepreneurial potential in order to help businesses identify, nurture, and retain innovative individuals.

“Tomas is well known in the talent industry and is one of the most respected business psychologists of our time,” said AIIR founder and CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner. “His guidance will be invaluable as we continue to push the envelope and deliver innovative coaching solutions to individuals and organizations.”

Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic is also a professor of business psychology at University College London and Columbia University. He has published 10 books and written more than 150 articles on the psychology of talent, leadership, innovation, and AI.

His latest book, Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? asks why it is so easy for incompetent men to become leaders, and why it is so difficult for competent people, especially women, to advance. The answer, Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic asserts, is that most people equate leadership potential with destructive characteristics including overconfidence and narcissism. Women less frequently display these characteristics and are therefore often overlooked for leadership roles, even though they typically outperform men in leadership roles.

“Everybody knows that the coaching industry is like the Wild West,” said Chamorro-Premuzic. “Luckily, there are three things we can use to fix it: talented coaches, applying the science, and leveraging technology. No other company does this like AIIR. I’m pleased and honored to join their stellar advisory board to contribute to this mission.”

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