Philadelphia, PA — AIIR hosted its annual AIIR Summit on February 5, 2020, in Philadelphia, PA. The summit brought together the AIIR team and the AIIR Global Coaching Network to celebrate 10 years of driving innovation in the industry, and to discuss the new products and initiatives that will help AIIR create impact for clients in the decades to come.

In an industry often compared to the Wild West, the caliber of AIIR’s coaching network sets it apart. The more than 100 elite coaches in the AIIR Global Coaching network have spent hundreds of thousands of hours working with leaders at companies in virtually every industry around the world. The AIIR Summit is an opportunity to leverage the collective knowledge of AIIR’s executive coaches to gain insight into the continually changing challenges our clients face.

Armed with this understanding, AIIR leverages a proven methodology, advanced technology, and cutting-edge neuroscience to provide industry-leading executive coaching, leadership development, and team effectiveness solutions that create high-impact, lasting change for leaders and teams.