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Colleen Jack
Career Development | Curriculum Design
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Languages: English (Fluent), Afrikaans (Basic), German (Basic)
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Colleen specializes in business consulting, coaching, leadership development, and facilitation with over a decade of hands-on experience successfully producing positive results and advancing company strategy through innovative thinking, collaboration across teams, corporate training, systemic coaching, and listening to client’s needs.

Colleen consults business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and CSuite executives creating the strategy, innovation, and change needed to future proof business and careers. Working face-to-face and remotely with clients across three continents, she facilitates groups and teams in instructor-led training.

Colleen has worked with corporate clients, designing content, and delivering development programs. Colleen achieved something few programs have by being benchmarked by the International Coaching Federation for the Prism Awards in 2013 and in 2015. This program has been implemented at the head office of a leading telecommunications provider with annual revenue exceeding four billion USD. The program ran over three years touching 1,300 people. The program was immensely successful, increasing monthly sales fivefold and bringing the company’s attrition rate down to 7.15%.

Susan Jordan, MBA
High Potential Development | Cross-Cultural Communication
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Language: English
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Susan has over 600 coaching hours with Fortune 500 leaders. As a coach, she loves to engage in conversations that allow curiosity to unfold what the gap is between where a leader is and where they want to be. Through her corporate work, Susan identified that many professionals are promoted from “doers” into leaders, without the knowledge or confidence to succeed in those roles. Susan helps them develop emotional intelligence, executive presence, and strategic communication skills that instill confidence to be an authentic leader. She leverages assessments, goal-setting frameworks, and learnings to support leaders on this journey.

Susan has successfully coached leaders at all levels of the organization. While 1:1 virtual coaching is her specialty, she provides group and team coaching as well. She facilitates communication and leadership training courses in a creative, fun way.

Susan spent decades in the corporate environment in finance leadership roles. She worked in the hospitality, venue management, sports and entertainment, and technical industries. With a deep understanding of business operations, Susan understands the challenges that leaders face. During her work leading Directors in managed facilities, she interacted with a variety of stakeholders, managed transitions and specialized in goal aligning.

Jennifer K. Park, MBA
Conscious Leadership | Entrepreneurship
Location: New York, NY
Language: English, Korean (fluent)
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Jennifer is a certified executive coach, a scholar-practitioner, and has over 20 years of experience as a leader in diverse international business environments. She specializes in helping executives in transition to envision and execute their transformation strategies with confidence.

Jennifer’s executive coaching philosophy is based on a holistic, integrated approach that is focused on enabling leaders to transform themselves in order to drive organizational change. She combines organizational and leadership psychology with a whole-person approach – mind, body, emotions, and spirit – to help executives build the conviction necessary to take decisive action to lead their organizations. Her method integrates all aspects of an individual’s capabilities, guided by increased self-awareness, to improve performance in a sustainable way. Jennifer’s coaching style is to create safe spaces for leaders to develop their authentic leadership style and gain clarity of purpose to drive impactful changes.

Prior to coaching, Jennifer worked in the financial services industry as an investment banker at Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. She was involved in numerous M&A deals in various financial sectors including asset management, insurance, banks, and specialty finance companies. Prior to that, she worked at Kookmin Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in South Korea, and PwC Consulting. She has also served as an executive board member of a non-profit organization leading strategic initiatives and program development initiatives.

Margaret Bishop, MBA
Emotional Intelligence | Conflict Management
Location: London, UK
Language: English
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Margaret has over twenty years’ experience in executive and team coaching, developing leaders and organizations. She draws on a wealth of corporate and non-corporate experience to help leaders respond effectively to challenging situations. Clients and sectors include financial services, FMCG’s, high tech, media, science and engineering, NGO’s and government departments. She enjoys working across cultures and her international experience includes the US, China, India, Russia, Dubai, Nigeria, South Africa and across Europe.

Margaret integrates insights from psychology, business and systemic thinking to support individual leaders and teams with self-awareness, interpersonal dynamics and their impact across stakeholder groups.

Clients have described her approach as ‘empathetic’, ‘challenging mind-sets’ and having ‘a great sense of professionalism coupled with a human touch’.

Margaret was Practice Lead for Executive Coaching and Principal Consultant with GP Strategies 2015-2020. Margaret was also a Visiting Fellow with City, University of London Business School for 17 years, Director of her own coaching practice, a global change consultant at Thomson Reuters and a senior leader at the London Chamber of Commerce.


Julie Rohmer, BA
Change Management | Systems Development & Engineering
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Language: English
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Julie is passionate about helping others to succeed and reach their highest potential. She is an ICF Certified Executive and Leadership Coach who leverages her 30 years as a business leader and executive with a Fortune 30 company to know just the right thought-provoking questions to ask.

Julie is a results-driven, strategic listener and trusted advisor for her clients and the organizations they serve. She understands the business challenges leaders face in this time of unprecedented uncertainty and supports leaders in developing the willingness to embrace ambiguity, the courage to change, and become more self-aware. She coaches her clients by empowering them to focus on their goals, authenticity and conscious choices, which leads to increased work/life satisfaction.

Julie is a highly accomplished executive with comprehensive expertise in program and change management, executive coaching, learning and development, and brand management. She possesses a proven track record in technology, customer experience, program leadership, and strategic planning. She has leveraged her transformational leadership and communication skills to build high-performing teams that increased organizational capability and improved employee engagement. It is her experience and expertise in these areas that make her a credible coach to many of her clients, as they realize that she can relate to their challenges and goals.

Yosi Kossowsky
Executive Coaching | Simplifying Complexity
Location: Beit Shemesh, Israel
Language: English
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Yosi’s personal stated goal is to make the world a better place. Often, people feel they have untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed or better utilized. For the past 15 years, Yosi has supported his corporate clients with a neuroscience-backed coaching approach, as well as facilitating leadership and team development programs interwoven with holistic wellness modalities. This multi-pronged approach enables individuals, leaders and teams to recognize and resolve impediments to success and to achieve their best personal and professional growth.

Yosi has over 30 years of experience in the business world, with leadership roles in startups and Fortune 100 companies across engineering, technical services, sales and operations. With this insider’s perspective of how the business world works, along with extensive coaching expertise, Yosi supports his clients to identify and apply targeted skills and strengths development in real-world scenarios.

With years of practical application in numerous coaching modalities, assessment tools and therapeutic approaches, Yosi employs a wide array of techniques customized to help his clients gain new perspectives, navigate challenges, uncover hidden capabilities, strengthen resilience and simplify complexity. He has a solid reputation as someone who establishes trust quickly, asks the deeper questions that help reveal the underlying details, and encourages leaders to utilize their strengths in new and effective ways.