Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, CEO of AIIR Consulting, will speak Tuesday, October 3, at a joint event for the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Columbia Teachers College Columbia Coaching Certification Program, titled Demonstrating the Impact of Coaching in Organizations: Research and Case Examples from the Front Line.

Since the advent of executive coaching, coaches and their clients have struggled to measure outcomes beyond customer satisfaction. This event will delve into the evolution of the coaching landscape with three objectives:

  • Describing emerging trends and research that establish the rationale of integrating “measurement” as a critical success factor for coaching effectiveness, in and for, organizations.
  • Examining attributes and characteristics beyond ICF’s core competencies that factor into coaching excellence and translate to performance, and other outcomes, that client and organizations value.
  • Establishing personal commitments for building enhanced contracting and measurement capabilities within your professional coaching practice.

Measuring the Impact of Coaching at AIIR Consulting

Dr. Kirschner’s presentation will highlight AIIR Consulting’s innovative approach to executive coaching that is: (1) aligned with the business strategy; (2) grounded in business psychology; and (3) enabled by technology. He will also share how AIIR leverages its proprietary Coaching Zone® technology platform to track coaching engagements, measure results, and ethically share data with key stakeholders.

The event will be held Tuesday, October 3, 2023, from 6:00-9:00 PM ET, both virtually and at Millbank Chapel, Teachers College, Columbia University. Those interested in attending can find registration information here.