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From first-time managers to executives at the highest level, understanding how to coach is an essential leadership skill.

CMI® for Groups

Coaching is now a fundamental leadership competency, but it can be a difficult skillset to master. That’s why we created the most intuitive and practical coaching approach on the market – to make coaching easier and more accessible for leaders at all levels.

Workshop participants explore their own unique results as they learn foundational coaching skills.

CMI Navigate is for organizations looking to:

  • Empower teams and individuals
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Integrate global organizations

Workshop Participants Will Gain


Coaching Skills

Sharing feedback, setting goals, and finding solutions form the foundation of the coaching process. CMI Navigate helps leaders build the fundamental skills that will ground their coaching practice.


Coaching Strategies

A world-class executive coach from the AIIR Coaching Network helps participants learn about coaching strategies, how to leverage them as strengths, and when they can become weaknesses.


Coaching Style

There's no "right way" to coach. Our approach emphasizes the importance of individual context and gives participants concrete resources to enhance and expand their natural coaching style.

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Whether you are interested in individual debriefs, assessment certification, or group workshops, one of our leadership consultants can help you build a coaching mindset at your organization.

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