Ayeshah Parker has spent her nearly 2-decade career improving outcomes for marginalized populations and leading change within the spaces that aim to serve them. Working within NGO’s in the international community, national institutions, and local community based organizations, she has leveraged her years of experience, tested strategies and proven practices to maximize professional potential, programmatic outcomes and foster healthy normative work environments based on the principals of equity, awareness, and inclusion.

As a leader, facilitator and coach, she stimulates individual and collective growth by challenging norms, nurturing innovation, and encouraging dialogue and reflection around the necessary ambiance, supports and relationships needed for psychological safety within the workplace. Applying her relational skills and leadership experience, she guides clients to clarity, intention and mindfulness around their influence and responsibility for creating the conditions for their teams to contribute, grow and thrive.

Prior to becoming a full-time coach and facilitator, Ayeshah oversaw Operations and Program Development for the New York state division of a private multi-state Social Services Agency.  This included operational strategic planning, senior leadership team oversight and cultivation, and stakeholder relationship management.  

Ayeshah’s experiences include serving as Director of Education and Public Programming for an Internationally renowned cultural institution; developing Social Enterprise continuing education program for a private University and serving as an elected Advisory Board member of a national advocacy organization.  Ayeshah has provided coaching, consultation and strategic development of comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workplace programs for small and mid-size organizations.

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