Location: New York City, NY
Languages: English, Tagalog

Bernadette brings to AIIR over 15 years of experience as a trusted coach, advisor and consultant to executives globally. From building a Risk Consulting Practice in Asia, to being the Chief of Staff for the Consulting CEO, and to leading the People and Organizational Change practice specializing in Financial Services – she has proven to have the necessary experience and perspective to navigate the complex world of leading a global business.

Bernadette leverages her extensive business experience to inform her coaching work. Her work experience, particularly with one of the largest global consulting firms, has been characterized by impactful transitions that elevated her business and cultural acumen. She has helped global organizations go through change management, leadership alignment, organizational design, culture alignment, strategic communications, and development programs.

Bernadette is committed to inspiring leaders to find their unique strength, talent and voice, enabling them to bring ‘their whole selves’ to their professional and personal lives. She focuses on leadership legacies for senior executives, purpose definition, leaders in transition, navigating cultural and generational differences, leadership in the digital age, executive presence and authentic leadership and women and minority leader development. In her coaching, she employs the principle of integration – the use of a person’s major centers of intelligence: the mind (cognitive), heart (emotional intelligence) and body (somatic) – to achieve holistic alignment of the person in the pursuit of their professional goals.

As a coach, she is known to bring warmth, sincerity and directness that enables her to engage effectively and relate authentically with clients at all levels. Having a strategic perspective allows Bernadette to distill various inputs and get to the core of the client’s issues. By applying her creativity and powerful questioning, she guides clients to different perspectives and actions, enhancing their leadership and personal skills.

Bernadette was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the US to pursue her Master’s Degree at Vanderbilt University. In the US, Bernadette built a dynamic management consulting career, before pursuing her passion and becoming a full-time coach. She is an ICF certified coach trained at New Ventures West.

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