Jack Huston brings over 35 years of corporate leadership experience to coaching, including 20 years as the Chief of Staff for a global FMCG company. His extensive work as a leader of C-Suite teams gives him deep insight into the challenges executives face as they assume enterprise-wide roles, align strategy across large organizations, and interact with Boards of Directors. Jack’s coaching draws on his deep experience in the core elements of enterprise leadership — business strategy, cultural change, team effectiveness, ethics and compliance, risk and crisis management, and corporate social responsibility. This makes him an ideal partner for senior executives addressing complex leadership challenges, especially in diverse, cross-cultural, global settings.

A highly-skilled communicator, Jack brings clarity and directness to his coaching along with a deep commitment to client success. He encourages clients to connect their leadership challenges to corporate and personal values to ensure their action strategies are authentic and sustainable. Knowing that successful coaching conversations demand deep commitment from senior leaders, he strives to make them enjoyable and fulfilling.

Coaching senior leaders is Jack’s passionate “third act,” following earlier career chapters in public policy and corporate leadership. His coaching path was inspired by the exceptional coaches he worked with as an executive at the Colgate-Palmolive Company, where he had a successful 35-year career. After a decade leading corporate real estate transactions globally for Colgate, he moved to the C-Suite and supported three successive CEO’s over 20 years. In his capacity as Chief of Staff, he provided counsel to the CEO and senior team, oversaw internal and external communications, and served as executive liaison to the Board of Directors. His leadership of global crisis management gives him a unique perspective on the high-stakes leadership situations faced by senior executives. Jack understands that our careers take shape in the context of complicated, ever-changing lives which influence how we lead at work. He’s the father of five now-adult children, a cancer survivor, and a landscape painter, with a long-term commitment to volunteer service.

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