Dr. Kate Licastro is a dynamic, versatile leader, consultant, and coach who brings over 18 years of experience fostering transformation and growth for individuals, teams, and organizations. Kate applies expertise in human behavior, organizational effectiveness, and behavioral science to facilitate the development of strong leaders and healthy organizations.

Kate’s training as a clinical psychologist influences her coaching through a deep understanding of barriers and catalysts to behavior change, healthy emotion regulation and stress management strategies, and a focus on work-life wellness and effectiveness. She excels at coaching leaders to recognize and maximize their impact and influence consistent with their values, strengths, and professional and organizational goals. 

Kate has extensive working experience in the healthcare sector as a clinician and leader. Kate’s professional experience includes expertise in organizational change management, where she has significant applied experience managing large-scale, complex change projects. She has led and worked remotely for almost a decade and has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience building successful virtual teams and organizations.

Former clients and colleagues describe Kate as having an “exquisite combination of skill and preparation built on an astute understanding of what [her] client needs.” She has a “brilliant mind, high professional standards, and ‘walks the walk’ of organization and individual development.”

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