Location: New York City, NY
Language: English

Marie Leithauser brings to AIIR 20 years of experience as a senior leader in Pharmaceutical R&D. She is a trusted confidante to industry leaders and a sought-after mentor. Marie has seen firsthand the impact that senior leaders have on their organizations and appreciates the importance of a solid and well-communicated strategy, efficient and effective operations, and authentic and thoughtful leadership.

During a coaching engagement, Marie partners with clients to develop greater self-awareness and better understanding of their organizational context, to apply their unique strengths to situational challenges, and to build their own genuine leadership style. Marie encourages clients to experiment with different approaches and behaviors and to help clients move from insight to action. Marie powerfully combines deep intuition, authenticity and her own executive experience to help others uncover their personal and leadership strengths.

Marie brings warmth, respectfulness, confidence, and open-mindedness to her coaching practice. She possesses a keen ability to grasp complex concepts quickly and challenge assumptions.

Prior to coaching, Marie was a senior leader of Research at Bristol Myers Squibb. She was chief of staff to the head of Research, a key contributor to business strategy development, and responsible for operational planning. She co-led the successful integration of a biotech company into BMS and was a key leader of strategic R&D-wide initiatives.

Marie has experience in organizational restructuring, talent management, executive communication, stakeholder engagement, change management, process optimization, and navigating complex matrix organizations.

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