Dr. Marsha Butler creates a positive coaching experience by aligning evidenced-based coaching skills with her executive business experience to help business executives, particularly women and people of color achieve their personal ambitions, business goals and desired business results.

Marsha partners with leaders who are focused on their personal and professional growth, focused on driving innovation, promoting organizational effectiveness, and most importantly creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture within their organizations.

Marsha is known for her soft-spoken, authentic, engaging, and direct approach to coaching that provides a trusting environment for her clients to reflect, experiment, transition and discover opportunities for ongoing learning, growth, and change. 

Marsha has over 30 years of professional experience working as Vice President in Global Oral Care at Colgate-Palmolive. She has worked globally to achieve business success with a deep understanding of diverse populations and global business needs. With a business focus on global marketing and corporate social responsibility, Marsha developed a global strategic framework for a comprehensive health initiative set up to drive innovation, growth, and social impact. Team effectiveness, relationship-building with relevant stakeholders and collaborative leadership are key pillars of her success.

Marsha values the time she has spent mentoring and coaching young leaders in her business organization, as well as in NGO and non-profit sectors leveraging both her coaching and business skills. 

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