Effective coaching gets to the core of the client’s needs and offers alternative lenses to illuminate and pull out solutions that enable strategic change. As said by Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Sean’s facilitation and coaching re-frames and amplifies the strengths of teams and individuals, bringing forth competencies for compounding and enduring success.

Clients ranging from global industries and government departments to NGOs and sports organizations return for Sean’s transformative and engaging approach. His blend of energy and strategic insight is impactful whether he’s working with a single executive, or groups of over 1300 people. As a master coach he oversees, trains and certifies client-in-house Learning and Development Officers (Royal Caribbean, Southwestern Airlines).

Sean has comprehensive experience, both inside and outside corporate structures. He operates with the mindset that every situation holds potential, opportunity, and learning. Areas of specialization include: change management (Lloyd’s Banking), learning development (Nike), executive mindset (Rothschilds), high performance leadership (Epic Games) and resilience (Commission for Human Rights and Equality).

Invited in as a business mentor and instructor of strategy, Sean taught the application of science-based strategic planning to the directors of growing micro-companies, at Cass Business School, City of London University. The program was run in partnership with Oxford University in England and Bocconi University in Italy.

In 2004 he co-founded Yumchaa Teas and over 12 years he grew and sharpened his leadership and coaching skills in this multi-channel company. He tested and applied theory, strategy, and tactics in an evolving environment, expanding the company’s operational capabilities, implementing high-performing organizational structures and improving employee engagement.

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