Coaching Zone Tutorial

Welcome to the Coaching Zone® by AIIR Consulting! This brief tutorial article will show you how to use the Coaching Zone® to get the most out of your coaching experience with AIIR Consulting.

Coaching Zone® gives you a private, secure place to interact with your coach, track your engagement sessions, and receive and keep valuable supplemental content from your coach. Everything that you share with your coach in the system is completely confidential between you and your coach.

Read below to learn more about the features available to you and your coach.

Logging in

When your coaching engagement is starting, you will receive an invitation email to the Coaching Zone from [email protected] with a link that will take you to the password creation screen. You will not be able to log in to the Coaching zone until you receive this invitation.

Once your account is created, log in to the Coaching Zone at using the email address and password that you used to set up your account.

You may also use the Login with Google feature if the email address associated with your Coaching Zone account is a Google Workspace account. To do so, click Login with Google and select the correlating account.

New Release Note: If you had an account in the previous Coaching Zone and are logging into the new Coaching Zone for the first time, your previous password will not work, and you will need to reset your password to continue.

Engagement Home

Once you are logged in, you will see your engagement home screen, which features your session schedule and development goals.

Session Schedule

When your coaching engagement begins, your Coaching Zone account will list all of the sessions that your coach will hold with you throughout the engagement. As your coach schedules and updates your sessions, you will see the information here so you can track your engagement progress

Visibility Note: Administrators within your organization who have access to Coaching Zone will be able to see your session schedule and progress.

Development Goals

As part of your engagement, you will create development goals with your coach. You and your coach can record these development goals in your digital development plan, including a vision for success and action steps to take to achieve these goals.

Visibility Note: Development goals are completely confidential between you and your coach, and are not accessible by any other user of the system.

To create your development goals:

  • Click the plus icon in the development goals section
  • Select the category that most closely matches your goal
  • Enter a short title for your goal that describes what you are trying to achieve
  • Enter a description in detail of what success will look like when you achieve your goal
  • (optional) Enter as many action steps as you need that will help you achieve your goal

Coaching Feed

The Coaching Feed is a place for you and your coach to share a variety of resources, articles, documents, and more in a feed that will supplement your coaching experience.

Visibility Note: Coaching Feed items are are completely confidential between you and your coach, and are not accessible by any other user of the system.

You can scroll through your feed and click on any item to see details, including any messages that your coach included with the item. You can also add content to the feed:

  • Click Add Content in the left menu
  • Enter any message you want to include with the item
  • Select either Attach Link or Upload Doc, then enter either the URL or select a file based on your selection
  • Select a category

Coaching Notes

You can trade notes with your coach in the Coaching Zone, as well as create private notes that only you can see. This gives you access to your coach and creates a record of your offline communications throughout your engagement.

Visibility Note: Coaching Notes are completely confidential between you and your coach, and are not accessible by any other user of the system.

Both you and your coach can add notes. To create a new note:

  • Click Add Note in the left menu
  • Enter your note title
  • Enter the content of your note
  • Select the visibility of your note – Shared is shared just between you and your coach, private is available to just you, and draft is a note to finish later


If you ever need assistance with using the Coaching Zone, contact us at any time at [email protected].