Columbia University: Coaching for High Performance

Coaching for High Performance

What does the program have to offer?

Coaching for High Performance integrates the collective expertise of Columbia University’s Coaching program and AIIR Consulting in order to elevate internal coaching capacity in a brief, focused way. The program is designed for virtual delivery with peer-coaching interwoven between formal learning modules. Peer supervision is offered to reinforce applied learning.

How does the Columbia Coaching Program help coaches achieve High Performance?

The program establishes that coaching is a developmental journey that propels a client from a current state to an elevated, future state. Like all successful journeys, there are three key elements:

What are the major Coaching Competencies that the program establishes?


Program Timeline

Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia

Faculty Director of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program

Terrence E. Maltbia is a member of the AIIR Consulting Advisory Board providing a special focus on AIIR’s scientific research, academic partnerships, and overall strategy. Terry is an Associate Professor of Practice for Adult Learning & Leadership Programs in the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College (TC) at Columbia University. He also serves as the Faculty Director for The Columbia Coaching Certification Program, a strategic partnership between TC & The Executive Education Division of The Columbia Business School. Since joining TC in 2006, he has become internationally recognized as a practitioner-scholar in the areas of strategic learning; executive and organizational coaching; global leadership development; and emotional, social, and cultural intelligence. Terry brings nearly a quarter of a century of corporate experience, where he held leadership roles in Sales, Sales Training, Corporate Marketing, Organizational Effectiveness, and Management Consulting, to his research, teaching, and advisory roles.