Introducing the
AIIR Inclusive Leader Solution Set

What does inclusive leadership look like when you get it right — or when you get it wrong?

Listen as celebrated DEI thought leader Gigi Gilliard illuminates the subject on our inaugural episode of AIIRWaves, a podcast made to help leaders navigate change and shape a better future.

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Most organizations understand both the moral imperative and the business case for building diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures. A recent survey showed that 83% of organizations took action on DEI initiatives in 2021, a 13-point increase over 2020. But despite their increased investment in DEI initiatives, many organizations have found that their results fall short. Why?

Most solutions approach DEI from the bottom of the organization up. We know that real, sustainable change starts with leaders.

Inclusive Leadership in Action

Studies show that, while people of color hold more than 28% of professional positions in the financial services sector and comprise a significant portion of the available talent pool, only 6% of senior executives are Black. See how AIIR helped a Fortune 50 investment bank and financial services company empower Black leaders within its organization.

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What is Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive leadership unlocks the full potential of DEI. Inclusive leaders have awareness and ownership over their biases and preferences, actively seek out and empower different views when making decisions, and use their platform and power to improve the experiences of others. Inclusive Leadership is built on three pillars:


Inclusive leaders foster psychological safety and conscious inclusion.

Mitigating Bias

Inclusive leaders develop awareness, seek out, and actively mitigate potentially harmful judgments and assumptions.


Inclusive leaders support and speak up for those feeling disrespected or unheard.

Inclusive Leadership in Action

Gender and ethnic diversity increases innovation and drives growth. Yet, according to surveys by an industry trade group, fewer than 30% of executives in the pharmaceutical industry are women, and fewer than 15% are people of color. See how AIIR helped a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company support women and BIPOC leaders within its organization.

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Introducing the AIIR Inclusive Leader Solution Set

AIIR leverages a unique combination of assessment, coaching, and immersive learning experiences to help you build inclusive leaders. Powered by the expertise of the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance and accelerated by our industry-leading coaching technology, we can help you drive change across your organization.

Organizational Assessment

Understand the current state of DEI across your organization, guide strategy, and objectively measure success

Individual Assessment

Provide self-awareness around unconscious biases and kickstart leadership development

Leadership Development

Help leaders build skills and mindset with immersive learning experiences

Individual and Group Coaching

Reinforce new skills and create long-term sustainable change with individual and group coaching

What could an inclusive leadership solution look like at your organization?

More innovation, better collaboration, better recruiting and retention, and DEI programs that make real, measurable progress.

What could inclusive leadership mean for you?

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