How to Build High-Performing Teams

Is Your Leadership Team Ready to Conquer the Challenges of 2021 and Beyond?

As we move into the new year, organizations face incredible challenges. In addition to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, they will contend with fierce competition, complexity, and a future characterized by continual change. To meet these challenges, organizations will need leadership teams capable of addressing complex problems, making quick decisions, and driving execution.

Yet, many organizations are finding that their leadership teams fall short of expectations — that many teams are mediocre at best, and dysfunctional at worst.

We have seen the full range of dysfunction in our work coaching executive teams, as well as its direct costs and consequences: bad decisions, poor execution, and low engagement. The framework we present in this paper is simple, actionable, and has been proven to create high-performing teams at organizations across industries and around the globe.

Dr. Jonathan Kirschner

Founder and CEO, AIIR Consulting

“How to Build High-Performing Teams” delves into the most common forms of team dysfunction and presents a simple, actionable framework designed to help organizations build leadership teams capable of overcoming the challenges they face now and in the future.

Are you ready to build a high-performing leadership team at your organization?

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