Leadership Planning Software (LPS)

A Cutting-Edge Platform to Help Organizations Streamline Succession Planning and Build Robust Pipelines of Ready-Now Leaders

Identify the Leaders You Need Now, and the Leaders You Need Tomorrow

Businesses face challenges that are exponentially more complicated than anything they faced in the past, which makes finding the right people to lead your organization more important than ever. But the tools companies use to identify and develop those leaders haven’t changed much in the past 50 years — until now.

AIIR’s Leadership Planning Software helps you understand the type of skills leaders at your organization need now, and the type of skills those leaders will need in the future. Equipped with this data, you can build a robust pipeline of effective leaders ready to help your organization navigate change and shape a better future.

A software platform to identify the right leaders for your organization.


An example of how the AIIR Leadership Planning Software helps you organize succession plans and identify critical skills gaps.

Organize Succession Planning and Development

The best-performing organizations put talent first. AIIR’s Leadership Planning Software helps organize succession planning and development, from administering assessments to creating talent pools and succession plans.

  • Organize and track succession plans
  • Create talent pools to compare and contrast leaders
  • Rate performance and evaluate attrition risk
  • Make decisions in talent review meetings

Identify Key Talent and Hidden Gems at Every Level

By applying a data-driven approach to succession planning, AIIR Analytics helps organizations identify key talent at every level, uncovering hidden gems early and unlocking their future potential.

  • Analyze individuals and groups
  • Identify high-potential leaders
  • Benchmark talent within and outside the organization

An example of how AIIR's leadership planning software helps you identify hidden talent within your organization.

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