Volatile markets, disruptive technology, and social and geopolitical uncertainty — leaders will face unprecidented challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Incredible Insights

To understand the challenges leaders will face and the skills they will need to overcome them, Leadership 2020: 4 Essential Leadership Skills to Lead Through Instability synthesizes survey data and insights from corporate leaders and members of the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance, an elite group of more than 100 executive coaches.

These coaches spent thousands of hours last year advising leaders and teams across the globe. Now, we are bringing the insights gained through these interactions to you!

Actionable Advice

Leadership 2020 reveals four essential domains leaders must master to succeed in this new era of instability, and provides actionable advice from corporate leaders and elite executive coaches to build those skills.

  • Unbelievable insights into the challenges leaders will face this year
  • The skills leaders will need to overcome those challenges
  • Actionable advice from corporate leaders and elite executive coaches to master four essential domains of leadership

Arm your leaders with the information they need to overcome the challenges they will face in 2020 and beyond!

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News & Insights

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