4 Tips for Sharing Your Success

4 Tips for Sharing Your Success

By | May 25, 2021

You’re well into your coaching journey and making progress toward the goals that you laid out in your strategic development plan (SDP). Are you sharing your successes with key stakeholders?

1. Set a meeting

By investing in your coaching journey, your organization is investing in you. Show them that you are making the most of that investment by scheduling formal one-to-one meetings to share your progress with key stakeholders.

2. Be open

One of our coaches wrote that, in her experience, leaders spend an enormous amount of time managing or preventing feelings of shame over their shortcomings.

“It swallows resources and holds you back,” she wrote. “Because when you aim to reduce risk and avoid failure, it blocks maximizing success or pursuing innovation.”

Don’t waste your time and energy thinking of the development areas identified in your SDP as shortcomings, celebrate them as opportunities. The more open you are with your stakeholders, superiors, peers, and subordinates about the development areas you’re working on, the more they will notice the progress you are making.

3. Involve them

The challenges you face are uniquely yours, but they may be similar to challenges your superiors, peers, and even subordinates may faced before. Involving stakeholders in your coaching journey gives you the opportunity to learn from their perspectives and experiences. And, your coaching journey is an opportunity to build relationships with individuals who can impact your career. In a survey of new leaders, 29% said the biggest obstacle to their success was not enough face time with mentors and colleagues.

4. Share updates along the way

If you haven’t read You’ll Never Reach Your Development Goals, And That’s a Good Thing, you should do it now. Our research and experience has shown that one of the keys to achieving real, sustainable change is to view self-improvement as continuous and never complete.

This type of growth mindset is central to Lean and Kaizen business practices, and the reinforcement phase of the AIIR Method. Sharing regular updates will help foster this mindset in your stakeholders and keep them invested in your development beyond your coaching journey.

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