A New Standard for Leadership Development

Whitepaper: A New Standard for Leadership Development

June 27, 2024

3 Pervasive Problems with the Prevailing Approach to Leadership Development and How AIIR Overcomes Them

The leadership development industry is booming. Experts predict the market for leadership development will triple over the next five years.

But, while there has been tremendous growth in the number of leadership development solutions on the market, most of these solutions fail to deliver the results leaders and their organizations can feel good about. How bad is the problem? Just 25% of companies think their leadership development is delivering value to the company.

Most Leadership Development Solutions Fail for 3 Reasons

  1. The narrow range of skills on which most providers focus
  2. Content that doesn’t challenge leaders
  3. Lack of learning retention

In this whitepaper, we explore the three major problems with the prevailing approach to leadership development and explain how AIIR combines its proprietary leadership framework and proven approach to behavior change to deliver development experiences that can meet leaders where they are, challenge leaders to develop the skills and behaviors they need, and make those skills stick.

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