AIIR CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner to Speak at NYU Coaching and Technology Summit

AIIR CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner to Speak at NYU Coaching and Technology Summit

This week, the NYU Coaching and Technology Summit will convene leading experts and innovators from around the globe to discuss the future of executive coaching. Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting, will open the conference with a panel discussion alongside moderator Anna Tavis, Ph.D., Clinical Professor and Chair of the Human Capital Management Department at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, and other industry leaders.

Challenges in a New Era for Coaching

The panel, titled “A New Era for Coaching,” will explore the evolving landscape of the coaching industry. As the coaching industry undergoes significant transformation driven by advancements in technology, the panelists will address key challenges and opportunities facing the sector. Dr. Kirschner will offer his insights into how these changes are reshaping executive coaching.

1. Adapting to Technological Advancements

Dr. Kirschner will discuss how AIIR Consulting leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance the coaching experience, making it more accessible and impactful.

2. Human Touch in Digital Coaching

Despite evolving technology, Dr. Kirschner will emphasize the irreplaceable value of the human element in coaching. He will explain how AIIR Consulting maintains a balance between technology and human interaction to drive results.

3. Achieving Organizational Outperformance

Dr. Kirschner will highlight the critical role of executive coaching in driving organizational success. He will share insights on how tailored coaching programs can unlock leadership potential, foster a high-performance culture, and ultimately lead to organizational outperformance in a competitive market.

4. Addressing Emerging Challenges

The discussion will cover the latest challenges in digital coaching, including the ethical use of AI in human development. Dr. Kirschner will share AIIR Consulting’s strategies for navigating these issues while maintaining its high standards.

AIIR will also host an expo happy hour at 4:45 PM on Thursday, June 6. Summit attendees will also have the opportunity to connect while learning more about the latest in digital coaching technology.

For more information, including registration, visit the NYU Coaching and Technology Summit event page.

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