AIIR’s Summer Reading List

AIIR’s Summer Reading List

By | July 26, 2018

Relaxing on a warm afternoon in the shade with a book in your hand is probably the best way to spend a summer. As the season passes its peak, our team at AIIR wanted to make sure that we were making the most of our prime reading months. So, we reached out to our coaches to see what they were reading and got back a lot of great suggestions. We’ve shared just a few of our favorites in the list below, broken down by Fiction, Non-Fiction, Coaching-specific, and of course, Written by our Coaches.

Fiction Books:

The Fallen (Michael Baldacci)- This thriller tracks the investigation of a string of homicides by a detective with a perfect memory, when a much larger darkness begins to loom…

A Gentleman in Moscow (Amor Towles)- A Russian aristocrat confined in an attic goes on an emotional journey while observing the tumult of Moscow in the 1920s.

The Alice Network (Kate Quinn)- A historical novel that follows the dyad of a young pregnant American socialite and a former spy from the Alice Network.

Little Fires Everywhere (Celeste Ng)- Motherhood, secrecy, and the balance of chaos and order all play out in a custody battle that tears apart the suburbs of Cleveland.

Less (Sean Greer)- Follow the twists and turns of struggling novelist Arthur Less as he copes with heartbreak, finds adventure, and turns fifty.


What the Dog Saw (Malcolm Gladwell)- An innovative collection of essays from the New Yorker that captures Gladwell’s distinguished style.

Geometry of Wealth (Brian Portnoy)- Behavioral finance expert, Brian Portnoy explores the notion of true wealth in a meaningful life as opposed to the misheld objective of money.

Enlightenment Now (Steven Pinker)- Despite the scary headlines of today’s news, this book argues that there is hope and progress is evident.

The Hope Circuit (Martin Seligman)- An autobiography of Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Leonardo Da Vinci (Walter Isaacson)- An insightful look at Da Vinci’s genius and the skills that connected his art and invention.

Zero to One (Peter Thiel)- The capacity for invention is not gone, and entrepreneur investor Peter Thiel encourages leaders to get creative.

Coaching Relevant:

Triggers (Marshall Goldsmith)- A book for understanding and overcoming our triggers to create sustained change.

The Coaching Habit (Michael Stanier Bungay)- Embrace coach inquiry by learning seven essential coaching questions that will release the full potential of your coachees.

Narrative Coaching (David Drake)- Get to the heart of our coachees challenges with these tools and insights from Dr. Drake.

Mining Your Client’s Metaphors (Gina Campbell)- A workbook that will help any coach improve their ability to understand client language and get to deeper meanings in their conversations.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Eric Barker)- Eric Barker studies the extremely successful to learn how we can maximize our own lives.

Peer Coaching at Work (Polly Parker, Douglas Hall, Kathy Kram, and Ilene Wasserman)- This guide to peer coaching uses research and case studies to demonstrate a three part model of peer coaching.

15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership (Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Kaley Warner Klemp)- Making the transition from fear-based leadership to trust-based leadership can have a tremendous impact on results and collaboration as discussed in this book.

From Our Coaches:

Now It’s Clear (Jane Horan)- A creative workbook that will take you on a journey to find deep meaning and purpose in your life.

Emotional Resilience (Geetu Bharwaney)- Conquer stress and pressure by building your emotional resilience, and empower yourself to achieve your goals with this guide. .

Passport to Japan (Brian Szepkouski)- If you are thinking of travelling to Japan for work, this book is the must-have guide to navigating cultural expectations and business.

The Core of Leadership (Jim Trunick)- Leadership lies at the core of organizations, and this book is all about strengthening our core to have a great business.

Create More Flow (Camille Preston)- Dr. Preston teaches readers how to optimize their work-life balance through the concept of flow.

The Complete Guide to Training Delivery (Marsha King)- A guidebook for developing fourteen critical skills for effective training.

We hope that you will find some time this summer to pick up one or more of these great reads! And, if you find yourself stuck in traffic on the way to a sunny spot, you can check out Audible, a great app for books on tape.

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