Introducing AIIR Vista

Introducing AIIR Vista

AIIR Vista is a Trusted Leadership Advisory Solution for C-Suite Executives

AIIR Consulting is excited to announce the launch of AIIR Vista, our premier Trusted Leadership Advisory offering for C-Suite leaders.

Nearly halfway into 2024, it is clear that C-Suite leaders are in crisis. Outplacement firm Challenger, Grey & Christmas noted that 622 CEOs announced their departures in the first quarter alone, the highest quarterly total on record. And, experts predict record turnover in the C-Suite over the next 12 months.

What’s behind these trends? No matter what they encountered on their journey to the C-Suite, the challenges leaders face at the top are unlike anything they faced before.

“C-Suite leadership is incredibly complex,” said AIIR Chief Customer Officer Megan Marshall. “Their position exposes them to a relentless barrage of strategic challenges, market pressures, and stakeholder expectations. At the same time, every action they take or decision they make can impact the entire organization.”

Success at this altitude requires more than experience and expertise. It requires guidance and support. But, the challenges C-Suite leaders face can be impossible to understand unless you’ve been there before. Which is why leaders too often face these challenges alone.

“The relationship my AIIR Vista coach and I have forged over the course of our work has been an invaluable asset as I continue to navigate my professional journey and acquire greater personal and professional fulfillment.”

Matt Baer, CEO | Stitch Fix

C-Suite Support Delivered by An Elite Team of Coaches and Consultants

AIIR Vista is a Trusted Leadership Advisory Service that pairs C-suite executives with elite executive coaches and consultants who have the first-hand experience needed to understand (and help them overcome) the challenges they face.

  • Personal experience in senior-level roles (CEOs, CMOs, COOs)
  • Extensive business acumen and understanding of organization systems and power dynamics
  • Accustomed to working with c-suite leaders in large, complex organizations
  • Ability to form collaborative partnerships with critical stakeholders across the organization

A Service that Combines Executive Coaching and Powerful Leadership Advisory

“What we have found in our more than 10 years coaching at the top of organizations around the world is that C-Suite leaders facing these challenges desperately need support that goes beyond typical executive coaching,” Marshall said.

AIIR Vista engagements are grounded in the AIIR® Method, the same proven process for creating sustained behavior change AIIR has used to develop thousands of leaders across the Fortune 500 and around the world. But, these engagements go beyond typical executive coaching engagements to provide the direct guidance and support top executives need to succeed. This approach helps C-Suite leaders overcome the complexity, ambiguity, and intensity of their leadership roles to thrive. AIIR Vista engagements include:

  • On-demand, 24/7 access to help leaders navigate challenges in real time
  • Focused beyond development to broader business initiatives and strategies
  • Continued long-term trust that allows for candid, challenging conversations
  • A more directive and advisory approach than typical coaching

“Organizations have become increasingly more complicated, which makes executive leadership increasingly complex,” said AIIR Founder and CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner. “At the same time, the leaders in these roles feel more alone than ever before even while facing a barrage of board and stakeholder information and opinions. AIIR Vista is the only offering that combines AIIR’s proven approach to executive coaching with direct counsel from an experienced executive. This solution gives senior-most leaders the support they need to succeed.”

To learn more about AIIR Vista or how it can support C-suite executives at your organization, schedule a call today!

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