Leadership 2024 Trends Report

Leadership 2024 Trends Report

January 24, 2024

After years of pandemic haze, 2024 was supposed to be the year that the fog would lift, allowing leaders to chart a path forward. Instead, we find ourselves facing an unpredictable economy, an unstable geopolitical environment, and an unbroken chain of crises. What are the skills leaders need to succeed in this era of uncertainty?

Learn the seven essential skills leaders need to overcome the challenges of 2024

Our seventh-annual Leadership 2024 Trends Report contains the collective wisdom of both organizational leaders and more than 200 coaches and consultants who spent the year working with thousands of executives across industries and around the world. You will learn the seven essential skills leaders need to navigate:

  • Breakneck Innovation and Advances in AI
  • Shifting Workforce Dynamics
  • Economic and Geopolitical Uncertainty
  • Burnout and Employee Wellbeing
  • Exponential Change


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